Bluntcard Rocks!

You can call them what ever you like. Funny, rude pictures, sarcastic eCards, mean e-cards, snarky postcards, ironic, retro, sarcasm, vintage humor cards, but most fans simply call them Bluntcards. They are blunt, abrupt and to the point, often dealing with social commentary, hypocrisy and narcissism. Perfect for family and friends. Great for birthdays, friendship, holidays and everyday.

Just who and what are you,

Bluntcard is a branded style of image and humor. The humor style is often truthful, abrupt, and can be insensitive. Mostly dealing with social issues, self absorption, hypocrisy and sometimes current events. Bluntcards are virtual greeting cards to be shared on the web. They are most often shared on Facebook, tumblr, etc. They can be shared on almost all services on the web.




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