Jesus Saves, Passes to Moses, Shoots, Scores! T-shirts

The ORIGINAL and now famous Jesus Saves T-Shirt!! (well, almost famous). That’s right, you may see other Jesus Saves hockey t shirts out there, but this is the original so accept no imitations! Jesus Saves Passes To Moses, He Shoots, He Scores!!!!! If you’re searching for a funny and witty Jesus Saves T Shirt, look no further because it doesn’t get funnier than this Jesus Saves Tee by BurnTees. Whenever I see this, I can’t help but visualize the whole thing. Actually seeing Jesus playing hockey, (without a mask of course) making a save, passing the puck to Moses (who of course has a shaft and not a stick), dekes left, dekes right, shoots, SCORES!!! Another great witty t shirt design only from BurnTees. And remember, BurnTees is your one stop shop for funny Jesus Saves T Shirts.

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